Greenstat Hydrogen India PVT LTD

Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt Ltd design, develop, builds and operates facilities for green hydrogen production for all sectors.

Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt Ltd is a green energy company facilitating energy transition throughout the whole value chain of green hydrogen – from analysis to execution. We have tools that assist customers (public or private) in finding the best emission-free solutions, based on tailor-made assessments. Our analytical capabilities stretches from market analysis, through feasibility studies to full-scale project development. To help fuel the green economy and create green jobs, Greenstat Hydrogen India will own and operate green hydrogen facilities, alone or in partnership with others. We actively seek investments that are supported by targeted public expenditure, policy reforms and regulation changes to create the so-called “enabling conditions” for an inclusive green economy. In our strategy we aim to accelerate all progress towards a green economy.

Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt Ltd have formalized cooperation with the leading market suppliers of GH technology and have close cooperation with key personnel in the respective companies. We have in-depth knowledge regarding technical safety and risk management and great competence on all relevant CAPEX and OPEX costs. Greenstat Hydrogen India have well developed calculation and analysis tools for production costs, sales price and sensitivity analysis. We also hold very good competence in relevant work scopes and financial aspects of all phases of an EPCIC contract and execution side. And further, we have competence on the social science side of the green shift, making us able to steer the green shift in a human centered direction, promoting knowledge sharing and a just transition.


Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt Ltd is part of The Greenstat Group. The Greenstat Group is a Norwegian Green Energy and Technology company with its HQ in Bergen, Norway. The Greenstat Group have a specific focus on green hydrogen, solar, wind and zero emission maritime solutions. Greenstat vision is; To Make Green Happen. To achieve this vision, Greenstat and its subsidiaries focus upon different business areas that will contribute to fulfill the company’s vision. Greenstat activities focus upon developing and operating projects related to sustainable energy (GH in particular) and technology, hereunder projects supporting the transition from fossil to renewable energy production and consumption, in addition to participating and investing in companies contributing fully or partly to this end. Greenstat hold a strong position in Norway’s growing green hydrogen economy.

Management Team

Greenstat Hydrogen India’s team is a pool of hydrogen, renewable energy and sustainability experts, from innovation and research, to experience in setting up and controlling electrolyzers, advanced business development, finance expertise, hydrogen supply chain logistics and safety and regulations. The team can rely on the skills and experience from the whole Greenstat Group and on a flexible an agile organizational structure. The company is set for rapid growth in India.

Dr. J. P Gupta

MD Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt Ltd.

Dr. Jeevan Prakash Gupta is a widely travelled, skilled Policy Maker and Strategic Planner. He has contributed widely towards policy making in various companies and the Government of India. He has done his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from University of Canada, Toronto in 1985.

He has experience in the Oil and Gas Sector, Petrochemicals, Polymers, Specialty Chemicals, Environmental Processes and Environment Impact Assessment – Water, Air Emissions and Solid Waste, apart from teaching and research.

Sturle Pedersen

Chair of the Board

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with more than 30 years of global experience in leading successful businesses initiatives and ventures. Extensive experience of initiating and leading international government alliances and negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as securing funding and strategic partnership with global industry partners and organizations. Serve today as Board member/Chairman  in wide range of companies and organizations.

Karen Landmark

Director Business development

Experience in management and development of RD&I projects in the areas of renewable energy, corporate sustainability and circular economy. She holds a PhD in Sustainability Transitions and International Management and serves as the Chair of the Board (COB) of Greenstat AS

Chair of the Board
Greenstat Asia

Knut Linnerud

CEO Greenstat Asia

Knut Linnerud is an experienced serial entrepreneur with many years of management experience.

In the last couple of years, Linnerud has led the start-up of the hydrogen cluster H2Cluster – the Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster. Linnerud has relevant experience from the hydrogen industry and many years of experience in establishing and further developing companies through various, demanding growth phases.

Foto: Erik Burås / StudioB13

Lars Jørgen Loktu

Head IR Greenstat

 Lars Jørgen Loktu formerly held the role of Investment Manager with Oceanview Venture Capital and has worked several years as an Investment Analyst with Investinor, the largest and most active venture capital fund in Norway. Lars Jørgen was educated at Trondheim Business School, the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS).

Siri Lyngvi Østerhus

CFO Greenstat

Experienced in Finance, Controlling and Strategic Planning from Construction business and Heavy industry. Master of Business and Economics (BI). Master of Technology Management (NTNU/MIT)

Member of the Board Greenstat Asia

Vegard Frihammer

Founder & CEO Greenstat

In depth knowledge and a broad experience in the market for new renewables and Hydrogen technology.

Formerly Head of Renewable Energy at Christian Michelsen’s Research, formerly board member of Norwegian Climate Foundation and Charman of the board of Norsk Hydrogen forum.

Member of the Board, Greenstat Asia

Our Projects Team



VP Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt. Ltd.

Dilip is a professional Mechanical Engineer with more than 28 years of experience in reliability, maintenance and project management field in petrochemical and gases Industries. He has 10 years of experience with Indo.

Viswanath Attaluri

Viswanath Attaluri

Chief Executive - Project & Business

Viswanath is an electrical engineer with 38 years of management and leadership experience in PSUs /Private companies Strategy, Business & Market Development. Having worked previously as a Chief Leading Officer with PTC India Ltd, capital Fortunes Ltd, GMR Ltd, KPMG ltd and NTPC Ltd. His experience spans Power, Energy markets, Renewable Energy with various Government/Non-Government Projects.

Ravindra Vasisht

Ravindra Vasisht

Associate Director - Technology & Strategy

Ravindra Vasisht is an experienced Associate Director with 30+ yrs of experience in engineering and manufacturing, encompassing clean energy and hydrogen market in India. His expertise spans all areas governing business strategy functionalities.

Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar

Project Manager

Rakesh is a mechanical engineer with 25 years of experience in Petrochemical and Gas and Power Projects. He is skilled in Planning, execution, strategy, timelines. He has worked in multiple Country projects and now serving as a Project Manager in Green stat Hydrogen India.

Shruti Bhoyar

Shruti Bhoyar

Junior Hydrogen Consultant

Shruti specializes in green energy technology and has hands on experience in EHS projects, analytical studies and wishes to make a difference through her work in renewable energy field.

Suresh D

Suresh D

Project Engineer

Suresh, an accomplished engineer, boasts a wealth of experience in diverse water treatment projects, Project planning, scheduling, and the ability to forecast technical tasks accurately. Suresh is adept in geological analysis and proficiently utilizes various project management software tools.

Prethika Murugesan

Prethika Murugesan

Junior Hydrogen Consultant

Prethika is a green technologist, with experience in remediation and EHS projects, analytical studies, safety and risk assessment along with a diploma in business and management. She wants to enable change and work in the renewable energy domain.

Pranav Marathe

Pranav Marathe

Junior Hydrogen Consultant

Pranav Marathe recently completed  his B. Tech in  Chemical  Engineering. He is now working as a Assistant Engineer – Advisory Services and Projects at Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt. Ltd. He has a passion for sustainable energy, and is looking forward to contributing to the growth of Greenstat Hydrogen India.

Neeharika Shetye

Neeharika Shetye

Accounts and Finance Executive

Neeharika is a Accounts and Finance executive, with a experience of 2 years in Finance domain as a Wealth manager along with Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in Finance.