Global projects

Green H2Chennai

Partner: Midwest Energy

The Project “Green H2Chennai” set out to establish, test and operate a pilot project consisting of a fleet of
hydrogen powered buses along with the necessary infrastructure, technology transfer along with development of
systems and processes. This project is expected to be a precursor to large deployment of hydrogen mobility in


Partners: TERI & Gexcon India

Hydrogen-powered Public Transportation Systems in Kolkata, West Bengal

Considering the opportunities and viable use-cases of hydrogen for different segments of vehicles in the city such as buses and ferries, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) along-with Norway-based Greenstat Hydrogen India Private Limited and Gexcon India proposes to undertake a pre-feasibility study with the objective, scope of work, expected outcomes & deliverable and timelines as detailed in the succeeding sections.


Sri Lanka

information will follow


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Norwegian projects



Liquid hydrogen production in Glomfjord for ferries on the West Fjord through the ownership of Glomfjord Hydrogen AS, Greenstat is involved in the establishment of a large-scale hydrogen production plant in Glomfjord industrial park. In October 2020, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration issued a hydrogen tender for the Vestfjorden ferries, which plans for operation from 2024. Glomfjord Hydrogen has teamed up with Air Liquide who will be responsible for the liquefaction plant. The tender period will last until April 2021. The contract will be awarded in June 2021.




Greenstat is a co-owner of Meraker Hydrogen AS.
The company will develop green hydrogen production for trains and long haul transport.

Green H2Norway

Greenstat own Green H2 Norway AS together with Nel Hydrogen, Akershus Energi and H2 Energy. The company has entered a letter of intent with Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM) to supply hydrogen to Hyundai’s hydrogen trucks in Norway. HHM will commit to deliver up to 500 hydrogen trucks to the Norwegian market.