Sustainability and the green transition

Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt Ltd is a company that adopts a holistic view on the green transition. We believe that a green transition needs to happen alongside a positive and resilient development of the Indian society. An important part of our mission is therefore to do capacity building, knowledge sharing and institutional development. This work is done together with Indian and Norwegian agencies and  through the Centre of Excellence Hydrogen (COE-H).

There is an important human and societal side of all great transitions. An energy transition based on renewable energy sources to a zero net society therefore holds opportunities and challenges for the Indian society as a whole, as well as for the overall global society. With the national hydrogen mission, India sets ambitious targets towards developing brand new, or radically altering old industries. The human resource part of this transition needs to be addressed alongside with the development of new technology. The skills and competence needed to build a “hydrogen economy” can to a certain degree be transferred from emission heavy industries like oil and gas. This will, done properly, secure jobs and secure the necessary speed in the green shift.