Greenstat Hydrogen India is an energy company that develops, operates and owns green hydrogen plants and industrial wind- and solar plants in Asia. Through the Greenstat group, Greenstat Hydrogen India also delivers analysis and insights in to the green energy markets and develops and operates concepts for energy distribution through energy stations. The company is structured with subsidiaries managing each project.

Electrolysis technologies

  • Alkaline vs PEM technologies
  • Utilities and consumption (inclusive balance of plant)
  • Cell stack degeneration
  • Layout / Plot plan

Hydrogen storage

  • Storage philosophies, fixed vs mobile tanks (ISO containers)
  • Storage solutions and pressures (inclusive compression)
  • Optimization of storage capacity
  • Layout / plot plan

Hydrogen distribution

  • Transportation equipment
  • Transportation pressure
  • Optimization of number of transport containers and distributed scenarios

Hydrogen refuling

  • Main equipment to ensure redundancy
  • Optimization of HRS design to meet refuling capacity
  • Layout / plot plan


We know all the main suppliers and have a good dialogue with leading personnel in the respective companies.


In depth knowledge regarding technical safety and risk management.


Great competence on all relevant CAPEX and OPEX costs. Well developed calculation tools for production costs, sales price and sensitivity analysis. 


Very good competence in relevant work scopes and financial aspects of all phrases of an EPCIC contract and project execution